Our Graduates

53plymouthstaffThe Brockton Family Self-Sufficiency program is built upon a philosophy that produces greater impact with staff, residents, and the community at large.  We connect with residents –both FSS participants and any interested resident–in a manner that generates high engagement and proven changes in behavior.

Our graduate rates and outcomes are commendable; in 2012, for example, three individuals graduated; one purchased a home and two grew their income to the point where they were no longer eligible for housing assistance. homeownership-chart

Any family can avail themselves of the benefits of enrolling in Family Self-Sufficiency.  Through the years, hundreds of individuals have done so, and even if they are not counted among our 65 graduates, they leave their FSS five-year term with knowledge and understanding of the three steps required in order to project oneself into the next income bracket:

  • education that enables an individual to qualify for full employment,
  • a job that allows the family to support itself without government assistance,
  • basic understanding of financial literacy concepts, money management and credit management.

During their five-year FSS term, people often use their FSS funds to gain employment or further their employment.  Many use these funds to help send their children to college.

Our sixty-two graduates, defined as such because they are no longer residents of the Brockton Housing Authority, have used their FSS funds mainly to purchase a home. graduate-chart

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