Just in time for the holidays, Sheeya moved from Public Housing to a home of her own.

SheeyaSheeya  came to live in Public Housing 10 years ago with a plan in mind:  She needed to clear up credit issues and save towards a home of her own.   Along the way she joined Family Self Sufficiency and learned about how to earn enough to support a mortgage.

We met Sheia in her home on a modest street in the city.  She has enough room for the kids, a big backyard, off-street parking.  And she can feel proud. “I wanted to leave something to my children,” she explains.   Soon 2014 will be upon us and everyone is thinking ahead. Whatever your goals, Sheeya  says she is  proof that “we can always try new things, we can always start again.” We can always start over.

Sheeya decided the way to double her income was to go back to school, and although she is expecting her third child, she did just that.  Both baby and graduation will arrive in May of 2014. She made a good choice to go back to school, in spite of the difficulties.  According to Karen Schweitzer  @ BusinessMajors, in an interview with Peter Smith, Ed.D. when times get tough, adults go back to school.  That’s because most of the new jobs being created require a college degree.

Sheeya also has some advice about the length of time it took her to reach her goal: “I made mistakes with my credit and education when I was younger.  But it is never too late to begin. You have to be willing to put in the time.”Sheeya-Fireplace

FSS Participants are always looking at how they use their time.  Like Sheeya, they know reaching success means they’ll have to make some major changes in how they spend their time. When you’re intentional about how you spend your time and resources, you can achieve anything you want, according to @happyblackwoman.


Sheeya is proof of this fact.  She and her family are our 44th homeowners.  We also have an additional 18 graduates who attained the status of growing their income to the point where they no longer qualify for housing assistance.