Pursue excellence; Ignore Success.

Emperatriz is practicing the advice of Deepak Chopra, MD., when she pursues excellence and ignores success.Emperitiz-web

What on earth does this mean?  Who wouldn’t want to recognize success?  Turns out, the ability to overcome our mistakes  is a huge indicator of success, so when Family Self-Sufficiency Participants like Emperatriz move forward in jumps and pauses, they might be on the right track. Emperatriz certainly has not had smooth sailing, but she always learn from her mistakes, and isn’t that the only way we understand ourselves by testing our limits?

“Strive for excellence, ignore success.” – Professional driver Bill Young said this.  Blogger Bill Roberts says pursuing excellence is “crippling to the mind and spirit.”

We could say a lot about Emperatriz:

  • How proud her children are that she is overcoming so many past difficulties,
  • How much she has to say in favor of the teachers and fellow students who are helping her reach a goal,
  • How, deep inside, she always knew someday she’d succeed,
  • How she made a choice to change her life.

But all we really need to know is that last month Emperatriz took part in a wonderful celebration.  One of her fellow students at the Brockton Public School’s Adult Learning Center successfully passed the Citizenship Test and all fifteen students and teacher rejoiced.

Now, Emperatriz is even more motivated to study, and she is glad for the services she receives in order to prepare herself.