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The HUD-funded Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) was established in 1990 to promote employment and increased assets for low-income families receiving federal rent subsidies or public housing.  During a five-year period, participants work individually with a case manager to set and pursue goals related to education, job training, money management, childcare and transportation.

A key component of the FSS program is the interest-earning escrow saving account that accumulates as earned income increases.  Families receive the funds after they have successfully completed the program.  FSS families have used their escrow to purchase homes start a small business, pay off debts and finance higher education for themselves or their children.


FSS is unique because of its intensive, individual approach to supporting families and is one of the few federally supported asset-building programs in existence. When families and individuals use the escrow assets to start a business or purchase a home, the community gains stakeholders committed to improving the neighborhood in which they live and work.


We are proud of the accomplishments of participants in the Brockton Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program and invite you to visit us often to learn more.

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    • Thank you! Family Self-Sufficiency is one of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s best programs, IMO. We are lucky in Brockton to work with great co-workers and motivated residents.

      Advice from websites like freemoneyminute.com help our residents control their budgets, save towards their futures, and move up the economic ladder. Pleased you found us!

      • Glad to know we can help. It would be my desire that everyone would be debt free and live a sustainable life with less heartache and pain. Every person we can educate can be one less person who doesn’t have to experience economic pain.

        • Agree! That’s why we encourage residents and everybody to search ways to cut back and pay down debt. We also try to get folks to enroll in further education as a means of preparing themselves for a job that supports the family without government assistance. Not that there’s anything wrong with using the safety net if necessary. But all our families want to be self-sufficient!

  1. hello i would like to know if yours help with funds for an apartment or past due amount
    my num is 857-2377166 i live in everett, ma 02149

    • We do not, Brenda. Help with past due rent is an unmet need in Massachusetts, I suspect. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. You can check out this link to see if there is an agency that offers this type of assistance.

    • You are not alone! Some of our Participants have found Money Management International to be a good resource. They usually show up in any internet search. There may be local resources for you as well. The important thing to know is to not give up – that makes it hard to see options for solutions. My best to you.

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